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The Management Department of Zhongguan New Park and the Fifth Party Branch held a special meeting on cadre style construction and organization life meeting

Date: 2020-10-21

On the morning of September 28th and the afternoon of September 30th, the Management Department of Zhongguan Xinyuan and the Fifth Party Branch held a special meeting on cadre style construction and an organization life meeting to convey and implement the logistics party committee's spirit of strengthening cadre style construction and improving service guarantee capabilities. Cadres above the assistant manager of the management department and 14 party members attended the meeting.

Zhang Shengqun, Secretary of the Central Party Branch and General Manager of the Management Department, presided over the special meeting. Participants conscientiously studied and understood the spirit of the logistics party committee's "Notice on Strengthening the Work Style Construction of Cadres and Improving Service Guarantee Ability" and the "Notice on Convening Special Meetings on the Work Style Construction of Cadres and Organizational Life Meetings", and talked freely about their understanding and understanding, and compared with the school's supervisors The work requirements put forward focus on the implementation of their respective jurisdictional business in the epidemic prevention work of the new park in the previous 9 months, addressing problems, finding gaps, looking for countermeasures, encouraging enthusiasm, focusing on style construction, and being brave to self-reflection. Everyone said that we must always keep in mind the requirements and deployment of the school's party committee plenary meeting to meet the teachers and students' yearning for a better learning life as work goals and motivations, use speed to reflect attitudes, use temperature to reflect satisfaction, and continue to work on meticulous, delicate and extreme work. peak.

The special organization life meeting was chaired by He Haiyan, secretary of the Fifth Party Branch. She conveyed to all participants Chen Baojian’s work requirements for the logistics support system in the new semester, and emphasized that in the logistics support work, we must pay close attention to problems that "go around" and "delay" when encountering difficulties. Bad style. In the part of party members’ self-reports and comments, all party members closely followed their feelings in the anti-epidemic work. They reflected on their lack of “energy” and due diligence in their work. They made a list of problems, compared and checked them, faced the conflicts and gaps, and analyzed the reasons. Propose rectification measures.