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General manager's speech

Date: 2020-10-16

Dear Guest:
    Peking University Zhongguan Xinyuan (International Student Expert Apartment Park) is a strategy for Peking University to implement the strategy of “rejuvenating the country through science and education”, to fundamentally solve the accommodation gap for international students and foreign experts and the lack of reception capacity for large-scale international academic exchange activities, and to meet the university’s growing international The urgent need of cultural exchanges is to realize the school's grand goal of building a world-class university and build a comprehensive park integrating accommodation, catering, conferences, teaching, and recreational services.
    The Management Department of Zhongguan New Park of the Conference Center is responsible for the overall construction and operation of the park, realizing the reasonable allocation of human, financial and material resources, serving the school's teaching and scientific research, and serving the school's construction and development.
    While providing a professional service platform for the school to build a world-class university, Zhongguan New Park also provides relevant services to the public for business individuals, conference groups and tourist guests. Being on the scene, you can experience the century-old cultural heritage of Peking University, a sacred place for humanities, and feel the pace of Beijing boosted by high technology.
    On behalf of all colleagues in the park, I would like to warmly welcome people from all walks of life to stay in the Zhongguan New Park of Peking University.